Hendrick’s Fizz

Muddled cucumber, black pepper & Elderflower syrup shaken with citrus, Hendrick’s Gin, & topped with Rose Lemonade. 8.95

Lanterna Club

Prosecco with Vecchia Romagna brany infused with Angostura Bitters & our housemade rich tea syrup. 8.50

Berry Sour

Kentucky Straight wild Turkey Bourbon shaken with wild strawberry Liqueur, fresh raspberries & a touch of black pepper. 8.95


A Classic Italian Aperitivo. Campari bitter stirred with Martini Rosso & Gin. 8.95

Aperol Spritz

Aperol aperitif topped with Prosecco & a touch of soda water. 8.95

Pear & Apple Mojito

A classic Mojito enriched with Xante pear liqueur & apple juice. 8.95

Lychee Lovin

Fresh strawberries blended with Raspberry Vodka, Lynchee Liqueur & citrus. 8.50

Lanterna Collins

Bulldog Gin & white Vermouth shaken with lemon juice, Elderflower syrup & fresh grapefruit, topped with soda water 8.95

Spritz Hugo

Prosecco mixed with Elderflower Liqueur, topped with soda water. 8.95

God Father

Amaretto Disaronno shaken with Scotch Whisky served over the ice. 8.50

Strawberry’s Daiquiri

Morgan’s Spiced Rum blended with fresh strawberries & lime juice. 8.95



Citron Vodka shaken with Cointreau Liqueur, Lime & Cranberry juice. 8.50

French Martini

Chambord black raspberry Liqueur shaken with vodka & pineapple juice. 8.50

White Russian

Kahlua Mexican coffee Liqueur shaken with vodka & cream & milk. 8.95

Tequila Sunrise

Long Cocktail of Tequila & grenadine syrup shaken with orange juice. 8.95


Raspberry Falsito

Long, tall & fruity, a Virgin Mojito mixed with Strawberry syrup, apple juice & fresh raspberries. 5.95

Shirley Temple

This Vibrantly sweet Softail combines Grenadine & lime juice with Ginger Ale. 5.95

Kiwi Cobbler

Fresh Kiwi fruit muddled with Elderflower syrup, topped with apple juice.  Floral, fruity & incredibly refreshing. 5.95

Virgin Mojito

Muddled fresh lime with elderflower syrup, topped with apple juice. Floral, fruity and incredibly refreshing.  5.95


Espresso Martini

Freshly brewed espresso coffee shaken with Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico & Kahlua liquor. 8.95

Lemon Meringue Pie

Citrus & creamy! Gin shaken with Limoncello, lemon juice, curd & a touch of cream. 8.95

La Lanterna

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